Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(SPONSORED) Have you Met My Friend EdenFantasys? Let Me Introduce Her..

For those of you who may not know, EdenFantasys is actually an adult website where you can purchase both sexual and sensual items. But wait- there's more.. much more actually!

If you have ever visited an online adult toy retailer, you'll know that when you visit these sites, you'll be able to browse, purchase, and contact customer service if need be. EdenFantasys does not just sell products. In fact, that is just one aspect of their website. Here is a list of a few things you can do while visiting the website:

  • Read product reviews
  • Watch product reviews
  • Participate in discussions in the forum (they talk about everything from sex to crafting to meal ideas)
  • View articles from their SexIs magazine
  • Educate yourself with the numerous guides they provide
  • Learn about different people that EdenFantasys has Interviewed in the past
  • Read or Write articles in the Eden Cafe
  • Join their book club
.. these are just a FEW of the extra things you can do while on EF. Of course, you can just visit, purchase, and contact customer service too.. but all the extras differentiate EdenFantasys from the rest.

So maybe now you are thinking, "well that's nice, but I'm not into the really kinky stuff..". . That is the beauty of it all. You do not need to be experienced sexually, nor a kinky freak to enjoy the website and the products they offer. Sure, if you want something wild like a sex swing, they have it; but for those of you who enjoy sensual massages, romantic gifts and games, their is an entire section dedicated for all things sensual. There you will find things like rose-petal shaped soaps, bubble-bath, massage oils, and more. Imagine: a website that serves products for all types; It's fabulous!

Rest assured, when you do place your order, they send the product(s) to you in a discreet shipping box. There are no flashy labels, nor does the content of your package become revealed. How do I know this? Easy. I've purchased items from them many times before. Why? Well, that's easy too. The products they deliver have always been exceptional quality and affordable. 

Aside from the shopping aspect, you'll benefit greatly from EdenFantasys because they have a phenomenal amount of literature to educate their customers on the website (unless you are some sort of "sex-pert" or guru- and even then you'll probably learn something new). One thing that I highly recommend you read is their guide on materials.  Did you that jelly toys cannot be sanitized or sterilized? Yeah, neither did I until I visited the site.

Whether or not you are ready to make a purchase, head on over the EdenFantasys, the adult toy store, and take a look around! Be sure to bookmark the site too so you can go back and visit it as often as you wish :)

Happy Shopping!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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