Thursday, September 29, 2011

(SPONSORED) Facebook Relationship Drama..Please, Just STOP Already..

I was recently browsing through the EdenFantasys’ forum, when I came across a post by a user who was talking about her relationship and it’s annoyances. In her post, she mentioned that her significant other tends to bring their problems to his Facebook statuses whenever they have a disagreement. I’ve dealt with this before, so the situation was nothing new to me.

Way back in the day, when I was a much more avid Facebook user, I had dated this guy who was a few years older than me. Anytime we had an argument, he’d run to his Facebook, update his status, and occasionally delete me. What the eff, right? It didn’t bother me that he “un-friended” me, but more so the fact that he was showing the maturity level of a five year old.

Thank heavens that relationship is over. It was a dramatic nightmare.

Anyway, I still see certain things like this on my Facebook from friends of mine, and clearly other people experience it since I am reading about it in the forums online. Why is this happening? Attention? Sympathy? Revenge? It really is ridiculous because:

  1. It really doesn’t change anyone’s life because you had another fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Not even your own!
  2. You look silly when you post something negative about your relationship and/or partner, when the next day you are proclaiming your love for them in your status.
  3. By bringing your drama to your Facebook status, it lets everyone know how immature and unskilled you are at maintaining a healthy, happy relationship. How? Well because instead of communicating with your partner to resolve the issue, you’re sitting on Facebook whining to people who, in the end, really don’t give a crap.

To me, this stuff should be obvious. I guess for some it just isn’t.

Next time you see this on Facebook, whether it be your partner or someone you don’t even know, direct them to this post. Maybe, just MAYBE, they’ll take it into consideration the next time they want to be a drama-queen/king.

So, have you ever experienced a situation similar to mine (and many others)? Were you the victim, or the culprit? How did you handle the situation?

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  1. I unfriended someone because I was getting embarrassed reading about his relationship drama.

  2. haha I see this all the time, I only keep facebook now just for contests, I hate how ppl from your past try to add you, and cause drama as well, i also think sites like facebook somewhat help promote relationship infidelity by allowing contact between two ppl that would not be able to regularly contact eachother. eff facebook, lets promote phone calls and face to face visits!! FTW!


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