Monday, November 21, 2011

(SPONSORED) EdenFantasys Now Sells Cosmetics?! Awesome!

Not long ago, I had blogged about how EdenFantasys added clubwear to their adult toy store. I'm back to tell you how they now have higher-end cosmetics products available! EdenFantasys is becoming the one-stop-shop for all things sexy... and of course, just in time for holiday shopping!

They've added a Beauty and Body section that has the newer products (as well as a few older products) listed in their appropriate sub-category. One thing I've always appreciated about EF is their well-organized website. Everything has it's own category, and it's an extremely easy to understand design.

A few of my favourites from the new additions are:

Lip Lovely Set by Bella II Fiore: it includes a lip scrub, and a lip treatment. The set is available in either strawberry or peppermint (I personally want the strawberry!). Right now the product is out of stock, and I assume that it is because it sold out quickly... but Eden Fantasys restocks their items very quickly, so it should be back in stock within a few days.
Cake Beauty Plane Travel Friendly Kit: Okay, if you have ever used Cake Beauty products, you know exactly why I love them. They smell heavenly. Whenenver I use Cake Beauty products, I just want to eat myself... not in a perverted way, but just because I smell so damn good!
Mineral Beauty Bronzer by Bella II Fiore: Honestly, I've never used a bronzer in my life... but I want to. I'll most likely be adding this to my cart the next time I make a purchase at EF.

I could sit here all night mentioning the new bath and beauty products, but I figured I'd just show you just a few of my favourites. They also have eyeshadows, cheek tints, perfume, hand creams, scrubs, powders, lip gloss, moisturizers... I just love it!

Also, right now they have a new "free gift" that you can add to your order at checkout. There is no minimum purchase price required for your order. They have their branded t-shirts, wipes, tote bags and their new vibrating ring available for free with your order. You can choose any one of the free gifts you desire!

To check out EdenFantasys' new products in the bath and beauty section, or to check out the wide variety of other products they sell, click the banner below!

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