Thursday, September 15, 2011

(MY THOUGHTS) Disturbing Real Story of Cannibal and Willing Victim- NOT FOR THE EASILY DISTURBED

Armin Meiwes, the cannibal

This is not NEW news, in fact, it is over 10 years old. Some of you may have heard the story, others may have not.. I thought this was an extremely interesting case though, because of it's complexities. The real complexity, in my opinion, is that Armin Meiwes (the cannibal) found a victim online who WANTED to be eaten. Yes, WANTED it.

The victim, Bernd Jürgen Brandes (in photo below),  responded to Meiwes' online ad seeking a young man, physically fit, and willing to be eaten. Many people had responded to Meiwes' ad before Brandes had, but when it came down to it, they did not want to be eaten, it was more of a sexual fantasy that they wanted to keep that way. Meiwes' never forced anyone when they visited his "slaughter room".

Both Meiwes and Brandes were serious, so they acted upon it. They decided to record it all on video. Meiwes cut off Brandes penis, and both of the men decided to eat it. Brandes found his penis to be "too chewy" so he was unable to eat his own penis. After bleeding for several hours, Meiwes killed Brandes, stored his meat, and ate it over the next several months.

Meiwes was originally sentenced for 8 years, but was re-tried and sentenced to life.

That is my summary of the situation anyway, you can read more about it on Wikipedia, HERE. There is also a documentary online to watch HERE.

Is this not CRAZYNESS?! The idea of someone wanting to eat someone is enough, but then having someone who actually WANTS to be eaten? What the hell?! It sounds like some sort of  plot to a fictional horror movie.. but instead, it is a real story that happened roughly ten years ago.

So what do you think about this? Isn't it unbelievable? Do you think his original sentence of 8 years was too light, or too much? Does the fact that the victim was actually willing make a difference to you?

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  1. This is weird but then there are some freaks in the world today. This story is unbelievable and at the same time grotesque.


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