Monday, April 23, 2012

Morbid Mondays Week #1

I'm introducing Morbid Mondays here at My Complex, Simple Life. Sometimes Morbid Mondays will have themes and sometimes they will not. However, I can promise that it will always be disturbing. This reading is not for the faint at heart...reader beware.

1. Robert Pickton

Robert Pickton, also known as “Willie”, is a Canadian man who was sentenced to life in prison in December 2007. Why? He was convicted of second-degree murder of 6 women and charged for the death of 20 additional women. He allegedly stated to an undercover cop while in prison that he killed 49 women, and he wished he could have made it an even 50. If that’s not disturbing enough for you just wait, there’s more… Pickton owned a pig farm. It’s been alleged that he fed these women to the pigs. It was also alleged that Pickton had given his family and friends pork from the farm, containing ground human remains of the women he had killed. Ew!

Find out more:
- Video of Pickton confessing to undercover cop of 49 murders

2. Russell Williams

We’re on a Canadian roll so let’s just go with it. In October 2010, David Russell Williams was sentenced to two life sentences for first-degree murder, two 10-year sentences for sexual assault, two 10-year sentences for forced confinement, and eighty-two 1-year sentences for burglary. Phew! Williams began with fetish break-ins, escalating to sex assaults, rape, and then murder. Williams had thousands of photos in his computer of homes he had broken into. Many of the photos were of Williams wearing women and girls undergarments. Oh, and he was considered a “shining star” as a Colonel in the Canadian Forces to boot.

Find out more:
-Video of Williams Interrogation 

3. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

September 1995, Paul Bernardo was convicted of 2 first-degree murders and 2 aggravated sexual assaults. Bernardo was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Karla Homolka (Bernardo’s wife) was given a plea bargain for cooperation. She was released in 2005. With the assistance of his wife, Bernardo raped and killed 3 women, one of which was Homolka’s younger sister. Before Bernardo’s sick acts with his wife, he was serial raping in Scarborough, with over 15 known incidents.

Find out more:
 -Movie based on real life story of Homolka and Bernardo, this site has many free links to watch it. 

Introducing...Morbid Mondays!

You know how a gazillion bloggers host a “Wordless Wednesday” every week? Yeah. I’m not really into that. Instead, I’ve decided to host a Morbid Monday every.single.week. Start your week off right with some disturbing, effed up, true story reading!

Obviously this won’t be for everyone. I understand that. Though if you’re a fan of non-fiction books based on true crime, watch based on true horror stories, watch documentaries on the lives of serial killers, or have studied psychology or sociology (or all of the above *raises hand) you may have some interest.

Is morbid curiosity a bad thing? Absolutely not. When someone acts out of the norm, we want to understand why. Each week I will try gathering 3 real life morbid stories for you. I’ll provide a few links so that you can read more about the person/situation. If you have any suggestions for Morbid Monday stories, leave me a comment or drop me an email.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

(SPONSORED) A Few Holiday Gift Ideas!

I'm loving all the new products that EdenFantasys has to offer. Yes, EdenFantasys shop is primarily sexy items, but there are also many great items that would make perfect holiday gifts, or stocking stuffers! I've browsed through so many of the categories and I've come up with a few products that would make great gifts this holiday season. All of the items are innocent, so they can be given to a friend, family member, etc without any awkwardness involved.

1. Holiday Handful Trio by Cake Beauty
remember not too long ago I told you about all the lovely cosmetics and bath products that EF had recently added? Yeah, they have Cake Beauty products now too. This set would be great for a holiday gift for that person in your life that enjoys high end bath products and loves pampering themselves!

2. 12 Days of Christmas Lip Set by Not Soap Radio
they also have a Hanukkah set as well available! It would make a great gift by itself, or it can be separated so that you can give out the individual products to different people. 

3. Wahl 2-Speed Massager Kit
I actually own this massager and it's a great massager for your back, shoulders, or really wherever you want to use it! The packaging has nothing about anything sexy posted on it, so it's safe to give, even to your grandmother.

Those are just a few of my favourites. I mean, I could literally spend all day telling you all of the non-sexual items that would be perfect for gift-giving. Oh, I also wanted to show you the really cute holiday stockings that they just recently added. I'm not sure how much you could really fit into the stocking with the heel, but they are absolutely adorable. 

Right now if you use the code HOLIDAY at check out, you'll receive 20% off your entire order. If you'd like to check out the other great gift ideas at EdenFantasys, click the banner below.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
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Monday, November 21, 2011

(UPDATE) Coming Soon...

So much has been going on! I finished my Sociology College class that I mentioned that I was taking.. I don't know my mark yet but I went into the exam with a 90something percentage so I think I've done quite well. Anyway, I figured a little update on what is soon to come would be helpful for my readers (and for myself)..

  1. Jewellery Giveaway sponsored by yours truly... ME :)
  2. Giving Back this Christmas Update
  3. Tropical Traditions Review and Giveaway for Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens 
There are a few other things as well, but those are the really important things I felt needed to be addressed. If there is anything you really would love for me to blog about, or anything from criticisms to praise, email me at

(SPONSORED) EdenFantasys Now Sells Cosmetics?! Awesome!

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Monday, October 31, 2011


So I was browsing the Eden Fantasys website today, and I had seen the best promotion and had to share it with you! Take a looksie:

up to 70% off on select massagers!

This promotion is only going on until November 7th, and it is for Eden Friends. What that means, is you must be a friend of theirs on Facebook. It's really easy to do though. If you go to the promotion page on EF, on the left hand side, it says "like" and "share". It's that simple. Once you've liked and shared the promotion, you're automatically eligible to receive the 70% off! Yes I said it, 70% off!

The best product that they have in the promotion, as discussed in the forums, is the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator. It retails for $54.99, but with the promotion until Nov.7th, you'll get the item for only $16.50! I've read a countless number of reviews on the Hitachi where the reviewers praised the product, and swore it was the best they've ever had. I wanted to give it a try, but being broke, I didn't have that type of cash to spend on a massager.

But guess who ordered one today? *evil smile*

There are other great massagers available in this promotion, but the Hitachi is the one that people have been discussing in the forums over in the EF sex community. Here are a few of the products available in the promotion going on right now:

So make sure you get your butt over to Eden Fantasys before November 7th to take advantage of this amazing promotion! If you aren't interested in massagers, you should become a Facebook friend of theirs anyway, because they constantly have Eden Friend Specials that will blow your mind. Just a couple weeks ago, if you were an Eden Friend, you could get a free Sex In The Shower Silicone Vibrator which retailed for $29.99. No strings attached! Being their friend, definitely has benefits!

If you want to check out the massager promotion, or any of the other promotions that Eden Fantasys is offering right now, click the banner below!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

(REVIEW) Bound to Please Neoprene Restraints from Good Vibes

Most couples have tried a pair of handcuffs in their bedroom activities… or at least most of the couples I know. Whether they are metal cuffs, furry cuffs, or just a nice long silky sash, most of my friends that I talk with about this sort of thing have at least tried it once. I was recently given the opportunity to review the Bound to Please Neoprene Restraints from GoodVibes, and I jumped on it!

The kink lab neoprene cuffs that I received are pink in colour. They are also available in black. I chose the pink coloured cuffs because I feel that the colour makes them much less intimidating. The price of the cuffs is $14.00. With that in mind, I did not expect much as far as quality goes… but let me tell you, the quality is superb.

The cuffs are packaged in a plastic box. There are no care instructions on the cuffs or in the box, so you’ll have to keep the packaging if you want to have the care instructions on hand. To care for them, you must hand wash the cuffs in warm water, and let them air dry. They are extremely easy to clean, and the cuffs dry quite quickly.

To be completely honest, I had no idea what “neoprene” was before receiving these cuffs. So, if you have no idea either, I’m going to fill you in! Basically neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is washable and safer for those who have latex allergies. The neoprene is extremely comfortable and soft on the skin. This is important, especially if you are new to restraints. The last thing you need is a pair of metal cuffs that will make the wearer very uncomfortable (and most likely never use them again).

The cuffs are adjustable by Velcro to fit smaller wrists, to larger wrists. Being able to adjust the cuffs to the appropriate wrist size is extremely important, especially when you are looking to maximize comfort for the wearer. Because these cuffs can be adjusted, they can also be used for ankle restraints if that is something you are into.

The cuffs link together with metal claw-style hooks. These hooks are industrial strength, and very, very thick. The cuffs will not detach from each other, regardless of how heavy your play is. I have tried similar cuffs, but the quality was garbage. I have never seen such strong hardware on a pair of cuffs, especially not cuffs at this price. No matter how hard I tried pulling this apart just to prove a point, I couldn’t.

The metal claw-style hooks are also nice to have on the cuffs because they can be attached to any restraint products you may have, or plan on purchasing. A really good example of what I am talking about is the bed restraint system at GoodVibes. The hooks allow for attachment to items such as this one.

Would I recommend these cuffs? Absolutely. I’ve listed the reasons why this product is now one of my favourites below.

I'd highly recommend these cuffs because:
  • the price is ridiculously amazing
  • you are not sacrificing quality for a low price. These cuffs are high quality!
  • they're easy to maintain and care for.
  • the hardware on these cuffs are the best I have seen so far
  • available in both black and pink colours
  • the cuffs are non-intimidating
  • the cuffs have hooks that allow you to use other restraint products with them
  • they are adjustable to fit your wrists, regardless of their size.
  • they are comfortable
  • the hooks rotate so that the wearer will not become uncomfortable with the cuffs twisting the wrong way

An absolute 5 out of 5. I have yet to see a pair of cuffs that can compare to both quality and price of the Bound to Please Neoprene Restraints!