Sunday, October 9, 2011

(REVIEW) Rabbits in The Hat Kit from Jaylee's Market

I recently blogged about a new adult online shop that I had found, which I was really impressed with. After that post, Jennifer asked me if I would like to review a product from the shop. I was so thrilled! I decided to review the, "Rabbits in The Hat Kit" because I thought it looked like a really neat kit, with a wide variety of items. When I received the package, I noticed that I was sent the  Snake Arm Band too! It was basically like Christmas... in October!

So, the Rabbits in The Hat Kit that I received included:

  • blind fold
  • warming massage lotion
  • flavoured lubricant
  • bubbles of love
  • body paint
  • rabbit sleeve
  •  waterproof rabbit vibrator
  • bullet
  • finger sleeve
  • mini-mite massager

The variety of products you receive can slightly vary. It seems that instead of the toy cleaner, they replaced it with the warming massage lotion.

The kit is placed under the "Sex Toy Parties" link at Jaylee's Market. This makes sense because on the product, it says "Fantasia" which most of us know is a home-party name. A lot of the products in the kit would make great samples or prizes if you are planning to host a party at your home. I would also recommend this type of kit for a beginner to toys, because the price is excellent, and provides a variety of items to find out what you like/don't like without spending your life savings.

The one issue I had with the products in the kit is that there are no labels that have ingredients/material components. So if you have any allergy concerns, you'll have to search online for each individual product in the kit to find out what it is made of/ingredients in the product.

I personally don't have any allergies, but I still like to know what is in a massage oil, a lubricant, etc. So I started my research. I prefer being safe than sorry. That's just my style. I'm not going to tell you all the ingredients in the products, but I do have to tell you what I found (which is completely unrelated to ingredients).....

Okay so the price of the kit at Jaylee's Market is only $40.95. When I was searching for ingredient lists of the products I found the same kit at Pipedream.. Wait for it...FOR $99.95! What the Fudge?! Jaylee's Market has the same product for $59 less! If that does not completely blow your mind, and make you want to check out Jaylee's Market, you must be stupid crazy.

So I decided to look around a little bit more at Pipedream, and I seen the waterproof rabbit vibrator that came in the Rabbits in The Hat Kit... here is a photo of the exact vibe that the kit comes with:

This product alone retails for $39.95 at Pipedream. For exactly $1.00 more, you can get this product, and everything else in the kit from Jaylee's Market. Being a person who isn't rich, I consider this extremely valuable information. Even if you are rich, why wouldn't you want to save $59?!

After I seen the amazing price difference, I forgave the kit for not having ingredients listed.

All of the products come in a cute zippered-storage bag that has two handles. It also includes a lock and key to keep unwanted visitors out of the bag. Even with all of the products in the bag, there is still plenty of room so you can store any other of your items in it!

Like I had mentioned, I also received the Snake Arm Band. It's flippin' amazing! It's adjustable, so it will fit just about anyone. Here is the photo from the site so you can gaze at it's beauty...

So, now for my overall opinion...

It's obvious why I've given the products, as well as Jaylee's Market, a perfect rating. The customer service rocks, the variety in the Rabbits in The Hat Kit is great, and you will NOT find this product anywhere else for even close to this low of a price. 

To check out the products I've reviewed, or browse the other items offered at Jaylee's Market, click HERE.


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