Sunday, June 12, 2011

(MY LIFE) This Video Makes Me Laugh Uncontrollably.. Every Time.

So I typically do not laugh when celebrities make mistakes, or show their nervousness, or destroy one of their own songs... If anything, I feel bad for them.. but I make an exception for Kanye West because he is such an arrogant celebrity who acts like he is better than everyone else in the business. Get a life Kanye West!

Watch this video, and at 2minutes and 40seconds, he butchers it. And then at 3minutes and 28 seconds for the rest of the song. At the very end of the video, he says "You Lose", and that in itself is hilarious. If you know this song, you'll laugh. If you don't know this song, you'll still laugh.

I do like the original song, and a few other songs of his, but when it comes to his arrogance, he's annoying.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Absolutely wonderful!
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