Saturday, April 30, 2011

(MY LIFE) Wrapping Christmas Presents in April? Yep. I do.

There is just something about playing Santa at Christmas that fills me with joy. I love seeing my family members faces when they open up the gifts I got them. It makes me incredibly happy.

Yesterday I had an urge to wrap Christmas presents. So I did. Why do I have Christmas presents already in April? Let me explain...

I am a part of many reward programs/websites that allow me to cash out for various prizes when I have enough points earned. Throughout the year, when I see a prize that a family member would really enjoy, I cash out. Later this year, I plan on cashing out for prizes that I can donate to Toys for Tots, etc. I know many of my readers are already fully aware of these programs, but others may not be. I wanted to share a few of the programs I am aware of with you, and in return, maybe you could share some of the programs I don't know about, with me :)

If you sign up for any of the reward programs below, and need help in understanding how to get points, just comment and I can explain fully. Please note: the reward programs that have my referral link in them have a * beside them.

Pointsandprizes- A website that had words throughout their website that have point values. You can redeem these words for points, and redeem those points for prizes.

GSN- A website where you can play games, answer trivia questions and win "oodles". With these oodles you can redeem for prizes in their prize store.

Swagbucks*- A search engine that gives you "swagbucks" for searching and other various tasks. You can redeem these swagbucks for various prizes.

Zoombucks*- Similar to swagbucks, you receive "zoombucks" for searching and other various tasks which can be redeemed for gift cards.

Irazoo-another website similar to swagbucks. Search and recommend websites to earn points to redeem for prizes.
Click to Give*- A website that donates to charitable causes with every click. You also get points for clicking to redeem for rewards. A win-win situation!

Listia*- When you sign up, you receive free credits which can be used to bid on items from other members. Most members ship free as well.

Suddenlydarling*- A website that gives you points for commenting on articles, daily log-in, etc. These points can be redeemed for prizes.

Cashlagoon*- A Pay Per Click site that gives you points/cash that you can redeem. No minimum cash out required. (the PPC is not good right now though but they do have other offers)

Chapman's Kids Club- Canada Only- play games to get points to redeem for chapmans products and different children's items.

Panel Cloud (for those who collect Airmiles)- You'll receive 5 Airmiles just for signing up. They will periodically send you emails with surveys worth Airmiles. If you do sign up and would use my email as your referrer, that'd be awesome. email:

and those are just the ones that I favor. There are many other programs you can join, but I find they take a lot longer to be able to redeem for anything. There are also many survey sites (Hotspex is an excellent example) that will provide you with points for taking surveys when they are available to you.

These programs are great. You don't need to pay anything, but it does take some time on your part to collect those points to be able to redeem for the prizes you want. All of the above programs I have listed are legit. I have cashed out numerous times on all of them (except Click to Give, I do that for charity, not for the tangible rewards).

So, are you a member of any of these sites? How are you enjoying them? Which is your favourite? Feel free to leave your referral links in the comments section below. Do not spam the comments though or I will not approve them.

Enjoy the free rewards :)


  1. Christmas is my favourite time of year too. I think wrapping gifts early brings great joy!

  2. I buy presents throughout the year to save money. I try to start wrapping at the beginning of December so I don't get backlogged or overwhelmed a few days before Christmas. Last minute presents always seem to creep up though...:-)


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