Sunday, June 12, 2011

(MY LIFE) My Constantly Changing Hair *PICTURES*

I am the type of person who gets bored with my hair very easily, so I am constantly changing it. It probably doesn't help that I cut/style/braid/etc my own hair, so I can change it whenever I want. I just grab my scissors or synthetic hair and go wild!

I've been like this since I was young. I just love experimenting with my hair. I haven't done too many drastic changes recently since I am growing my hair out for Locks for Love, but I am definitely getting the change-my-hair itch.

The reason I started cutting my own hair way back in the day was because every time I was done at the hairdressers, I would cry. Literally. I'd want them to do one thing, and the next thing I know, my hair looked like everything I didn't want/expect.

So I decided that at least if I cut my own hair and it turned out wretched, I didn't pay for it. That's when I started cutting my own hair, and I haven't looked back since.

When I was young, I wanted braided extensions so badly. I thought they looked so cool. At the time they cost on average about $600+. Obviously I couldn't afford that type of money. I knew how to braid, so I figured I'd get some synthetic hair for $30, try it out, and if it worked, YAY, if not, I didn't just spend my life savings.

Luckily, they turned out. I started doing my own hair in braids quite frequently, along with other people's hair. I was 16 years old. Here are a few photos of other people's hair I had done.

I remember when I was in college, my friend told me that a girl she worked with (who I had went to high school with), was talking about me and how I clearly don't "know myself" because if I did I "wouldn't change my hair so much". She said something along the lines of, "Can't she just pick one hairstyle and stick with it?" HAH! I guess she was trying to insult me, but when I heard that, I was really more confused than anything. If a person changes their hairstyle, I guess they are confused with the person they are?? I didn't know my hair had such a major impact on her life that she felt like talking about it a few years later after high school.

I say, EXPRESS YOURSELF! If you like to change your hair, or your style, or whatever it is that you do, just DO IT! Don't let anyone get in the way of doing your own thing. There will always be people who will not  like something about you, so why try and conform to someone else's standards?

Long live individuality!


  1. You have an awesome talent and you should get back into doing braids. I miss the braids!
    Change is always a god thing weather it be your hair or clothes. Express yourself by doing the things that you like!

  2. wow your really pretty.


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