Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(MY LIFE) Remember When I Said I Was Already Wrapping Gifts for Christmas? *PICTURES*

My boyfriend and I in an edited photo
I had previously posted about my urge to wrap Christmas presents so early. You can view that post HERE. Well, I decided to take a look in my closet to see how many gifts I had so far saved up. I didn't realize I had so many! Here is a photo I took:

There are two laundry baskets full, along with the gifts sitting in the front that wouldn't fit. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I do a lot of online reward programs that do not cost me anything. With those reward programs, I can redeem for free stuff that is sent to me. So usually I'll redeem for something that would make a nice Christmas present for a family member... I wish I could post all the things that are wrapped, but some of my family reads my blog, so I can't. I will tell you a few items though for the family members who don't visit my blog...

I got this Stella Artios chalice gift set for free through the Stella Artios reward program. I'm giving this to my dad and step mom for Christmas. It's such a beautiful set.

I won Apple TV earlier this year. I have no use for it. It retails for $120, and I'm giving this to my dad and step mom for Christmas. I don't enter contests anymore because I've been really busy maintaining my blogs and working on my anxiety, but for those of you who doubt contest winning on the Internet, I am proof that you CAN win.

I got this Blu-Ray DVD for free on GSN. They have a new blu-ray reward every week that you can redeem your points for. My dad will really like this, so I got it for him :)

I could take all day and post photos of different things I have gotten for free online, but I already posted about those programs in the previous post so if you are interested in joining any of the sites, be sure to check the post out.

I also went to Liquidation World. I got my grandma a really nice bath gift set for like, $1.50. LW has blue ticketed items which are 75-90% off. They want to clear these items out, so they are marked ridiculously cheap. Many stores have clearance items or clearance sections with really great items! I also use coupons whenever I can. If a store is selling a certain product for let's say, $2.49, and I have a coupon for $2.00, then I'll get the product for 49cents! How beautiful is that?!

Another smart thing to do is to buy winter apparel as gifts (or for yourself), in advance. When I was at LW, I had seen Toronto Maple Leaf Pink Jersey Shirts (my step mom is nutty for this hockey team). The retail price is over $50.00. LW sells them for $30.00+. I got it for $7.00 since it is considered winter apparel. She'll be getting that at Christmas.

The beauty of it all is that come Christmas time, I will not have to deal with the craziness of holiday shoppers trying to grab the last deal on the shelf, I won't be all stressed out, and I won't accumulate any debts from gift shopping! I just get things as I see them, redeem points throughout the year with different reward programs, and put them in the closet to save for December 25!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! I usually collect gifts throughout the year as well but I'm not as diligent as you are in getting them wrapped.

  2. @Glogirl Thanks hun! Every so often I just get these urges to wrap christmas presents. When that happens I just go in the closet and wrap some up! There is just something about wrapping Christmas presents that makes me super happy!

  3. whos your little elf lol thats really great your collecting gifts this early


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